In-store digitalisation drives success for French cosmetics brand, Adopt


Customer experience has become the focus of in-store point of sale, with brands and retailers having to adapt their spaces to align with the changing expectations of buyers and the increasingly tech-centric shopping environment.

Custom-made fragrance wall

French cosmetics brand, Adopt, has done just that, by implementing state-of-the-art technology solutions in its stores, in a bid to adapt to customer demand and improve the in-store shopping experience.

The brand, which has 130 stores across France, put its trust in HMY Group, as an expert in pioneering retail solutions, to transform its sales area into an attractive, efficient and highly interactive space.

Highlights include a fragrance wall which showcases an extensive range of fragrances. This was exclusively designed and developed by HMY Group’s Retail Tech division, and includes a device to assist purchasing.

The custom-made fragrance wall features a tablet connected to social networks, allowing the customer to answer a series of questions about their tastes, before this information is used by the unit to select three suitable products by means of LED animation.

In addition, make-up stations where customers can try products have been fitted with cameras, enabling customers to take pictures to share their experience on social media and use built-in tablets to access tutorials and product advice.

Stuart Geekie, managing director at HMY Group UK, said: “HMY Group develops innovative customer shopping experiences giving brands and retailers un-rivalled market advantage. Consumers today expect new and exciting experiences as part of their purchasing journey, and each interaction becomes a potential point of sale.

“Through the integration of state-of-the-art technology, HMY Group was able to provide added value for customers, through a completely personalised, sensory experience – which we know is hugely important in the world of cosmetics. It’s been a huge success so far, with a Adopt seeing a 50% increase in category sales.