JF RABBIT launches first range of 100% Natural Vegetable Water


JF Rabbit, a new category of soft drinks backed by retail and consumer accelerator and investment fund TrueStart, announces today it has created a range of new, natural and healthy vegetable waters using only fresh juice and water: VEG Water.

New Veg Waters

New Veg Water

Targeting a $280bn bottled water market, JF Rabbit’s VEG Water blends unconcentrated vegetable juices with filtered water. The company has created three naturally healthy pick-me-up soft drinks in three flavours: Cucumber, Ginger, and Beetroot. Each 330ml bottle contains fewer than 15 calories and 95% less sugar than fruit-based waters, squashes and smoothies.

For water drinkers, VEG Water provides natural flavour without compromising on health. For juice drinkers, VEG Water is a lighter, less sugary alternative.

With a 65% rise in UK diabetes levels in the last decade and the same percentage of the country overweight or obese, awareness of the negative impact of sugar is increasing.

Felix Tanzer, founder of JF Rabbit, comments: “Our mission is very simple; champion veg. Increasingly, people are aware of the impact of high sugar in their soft drinks and fruit is often the culprit. Our drinks offer wonderful crisp, spicy and earthy flavours without the sugar hit. We’ve all been told to drink more water and eat more veg. We’ve made that easier.”

Renee Elliot, the founder of Planet Organic, comments: “I’m thrilled to see an innovative range of drinks that are clever enough to simply walk away from sugar.”

JF Rabbit’s VEG Water is made and sourced in the UK and sold at £1.79 per 330ml. Vegan and dairy free, it is currently available in independent stores across London.