Jura single malt scotch whisky revamps packaging for greater shelf stand out

New Jura packaging for shelf stand out

New Jura packaging for shelf stand out

Jura whisky, one of the world’s fastest growing malts, has revamped its packaging to make the brand stand out on shelf and to clearly explain the distinct flavour profiles of each expression.

Each carton will have its own distinct colour palette featuring a different image, drawn from the landscape of Jura. The image that adorns each carton connects back to the whisky’s distinct island story and sits beside a half outline of the distinctive Jura bottle shape. When the expressions are lined up together the outlines join up to reveal the whole outline of the iconic Jura bottle.

Gemma Parkinson, Jura brand manager, said: “2012 was an exceptional year for the brand. We are now looking to build on this momentum and release a new creative look and feel that we hope will resonate with consumers and help them to truly identify with our brand story.”