Kantar Media Global TGI research reveals coffee drinking habits around the world

Coffee drinking habits differ around the globe

Coffee drinking habits differ around the globe

Kantar Media’s Global TGI research (www.globaltgi.com) has explored coffee consumption in different countries, as branches of global coffee house chains become a permanent fixture in even the most far-flung corners of the world.

Perhaps surprisingly for a nation once renowned for its tea-drinking, consumers in Great Britain are some of the most likely to visit a café for their caffeine fix, report researchers. They share this position with Italians and, among the eight countries analysed, are beaten only by people in Israel, where 75% of respondents visit coffee shops, reports Kantar. 

The research also reveals the ongoing debate as to the virtues of instant versus filter coffee is alive and well. Whereas 86% of Italians drink ‘proper’ coffee, only 6% of them will consider using instant. 

Israelis are the highest consumers of instant coffee at 80%, followed by Russians at 72%. Great Britain and Turkey scored low on the ground coffee scale, with 19% and 15% respectively. This research confirms in GB people tend to go to coffee shops for the ‘real deal’ and are generally content with instant coffee at home, said Kantar.

“Drinking coffee, whether at home or in a café, instant or filter, is a global pastime,” said Tracy Allnutt, head of commercial development at Global TGI. 

“Global TGI provides brand owners with a flavour for how their marketing strategies should differ by country in order that they reflect the needs of the target market.”

The research is the first in a series of ‘Factoids’ produced by Kantar Media’s Global TGI. Scheduled bi-monthly and covering topical issues, they will provide bite-size pieces of information for brand managers in between the more in-depth Dispatches reports undertaken by the company.

Coffee drinking low down

 % visiting coffee shop:

  • Israel – 75%
  • GB – 55%
  • Italy – 55%
  • Germany – 35%
  • Qatar – 33%
  • Russia – 28%
  • Turkey – 25%
  • Colombia – 15%

% drinking filter / ground coffee:

  • Italy – 86%
  • Qatar – 61%
  • Germany – 58%
  • Russia – 36%
  • Israel – 27%
  • Columbia – 21%
  • GB – 19%
  • Turkey – 15%

% drinking instant:

  • Israel – 80% 
  • Russia – 72%
  • Qatar – 65%
  • Turkey – 50%
  • Colombia – 45%
  • GB – 46%
  • Germany – 25%
  • Italy – 6%