Kettle Chips looks to reinvigorate vegetable crisps sector with new Veg Chips range


KETTLE Chips is well recognised as the original and leading premium crisp in the UK, and continues to grow strongly ahead of the category in both volume and value terms. The brand is worth in excess of £100m in retail sales, up by 7.1% over the last year (vs. the total market which declined by 1.6%). Growth is coming from a strong core range, coupled with innovative NPD that is bringing in new shoppers resulting in a record level of households now buying the brand.

KETTLE’s commitment to innovation helps keep our portfolio fresh and gives retailers something new to offer their customers. To maintain momentum and help grow the brand further, we’ve developed some exciting new products which will be appearing in stores across the UK in the next few weeks.

The launch of our new KETTLE Veg Chips range is set to reinvigorate the veg chips sector and help retailers maximise the opportunity and drive new customers into the category. The Vegetable Crisps market is currently worth £15.3m but sales are down by 4.4% year on year1. 14% of households currently buy into the category (vs 55% for premium potato crisps) highlighting a huge opportunity of 11 million potential households for future growth. Research indicates that consumers currently find the category confusing to shop, with limited options to choose from. The great standout from our new KETTLE Veg Chips packaging will help drive awareness and interest in the sector.

The new KETTLE Veg Chips sharing range offers a top quality mix of parsnip, sweet potato and beetroot chips in a selection of three tasty seasonings – Lightly Salted, new Honey & Black Pepper and new Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar. The seasonings have been carefully selected to complement the vegetables and offer a tasty alternative to potato crisps. A handy pack is also available in Lightly Salted for individual snacking occasions and offers something a little different to traditional crisps.  The new packaging clearly represents the seasonings with distinctive colour coding providing strong stand-out on shelf, aiding consumer selection.

Nicola Robinson, Kettle Foods sales director, said: “KETTLE Veg Chips represent a fantastic opportunity for retailers to capitalise on the continuing consumer trend towards more premium snacking options. As the UK’s number one premium crisp brand, coupled with our seasoning expertise, we are confident that we will delight consumers and drive fantastic growth into the Vegetable Chips market.”