K’s Wors boerewors stars in BBC Life & Debt documentary


K’s Wors is a young, bustling, four-strong boerewors business in a hurry to live its dream, a dynamic Manchester-based, fine sausage provider based on the sunny side of Manchester.

Despite only taking its first tentative steps this September, this is a nimble-footed foodie operation built on a bold Southern African vision to spread the word about its three meat, heavily spiced bangers.

Only a few months from conception and Ks Wors is already enjoyed exploratory chats with an array of fine food gurus (Ocado, Selfridges, Partridges, Sainsbury’s….). If that wasn’t enough, new packaging has been unveiled; foodie accolades have been secured (Great Taste & UK Sausage awards) as have game-changing coverage in top foodie journals like The Grocer Foodspark and Speciality Food.

But on 27 November the K’s Wors take their biggest stride forwards  yet as a headline case study on the BBC’s eye-opening It’s A Matter of Life & Debt, life changing tales about fledging brands unable to secure access to mainstream bank loans.

It’s currently estimated that ‘traditional’ banks reject £4bn worth of loan applications from ambitious business entrepreneurs each and every year

Thankfully ‘dead ends’ or’ loan sharks’ are no longer the only solutions courtesy of a new breed of non-conventional ethical lenders who’re prepared to back heartfelt hunches and invest in ambitious, local ‘incubator’ projects with the potential to re-generate long forgotten local communities

In the case of Delight Mapasure and her ‘spicy sausage’ dream, this ambitious artisan project was kept on track courtesy of the fabulous Fredericks Foundation who saw the raw, untapped potential in Delight’s dream to bring a generous tingle of World Cuisine to the UK’s somewhat samey sausage fixture.

The Fredericks Foundation was set up by successful IT engineer, Paul Barry-Walsh who’d himself struggled during his business’s formative years to find a source of meaningful financial assistance. Years down the line Paul was determined to reduce the financial hardships of others by offering small business loans to a select number of ‘tomorrow’s brands with fantastic potential.’