Laurent-Perrier and Made For Drink collaborate to launch Lotus Root Crisps


This June Laurent-Perrier is offering champagne lovers a new take on the traditional bar snack, as it launches Lotus Root Crisps. The delicious snack, produced in partnership with Made For Drink, will be available at bars and restaurants across the country for anyone seeking a sumptuous snack to accompany a flute of Laurent-Perrier’s renowned Cuvée Rosé champagne. 

Designed to complement the flavours of the Cuvée Rosé, the Lotus Root Crisps are not only deliciously delicate but meticulously primed to showcase shichimi togarashi-style spices which are perfectly placed to highlight the elegant red berry notes of this illustrious champagne, whilst the distinct marriage of poppy seeds, ginger, chilli and seaweed provides the extraordinary depth and complexity of flavour that complements Cuvée Rosé; a drink already well renowned for pairing effortlessly with Asian cuisine. 

In keeping with Laurent-Perrier’s focus on sustainability, the snacks are plant-based and the packaging is fully biodegradable and compostable. The outer layer is crafted from Portuguese cork which has been sustainably grown as part of a dynamic forest ecosystem. The eye-catching lotus flower cork is not only bio-degradable, but can also be taken home and re-used.  Simply peel back the petals of the lotus flower design to reveal the enticing lotus root snack within. 

Lotus Root Crisps will be available at this year’s Taste of London show at Regent’s Park in June, where Laurent Perrier is set to return as the champagne sponsor. 

For new converts to gastronomic snacking, Made for Drink is a family owned gourmet orientated snacking business that aims to lovingly craft the world’s best bar snacks, whilst bringing people together in moments of shared warmth and joy. 

Juliet Elliot, marketing controller at Laurent-Perrier UK, said: “We’re always exploring new and original ways to enjoy Laurent-Perrier champagne, and the lotus root crisps are an innovative and delicious pairing for the Cuvée Rosé. Based just down the road from our UK head office, Made for Drink are a perfect partner because they share our values of quality, family and sustainability.”