Liberis Finance helps Doncaster-based Diva Pets achieve number one status


Liberis Finance, an award-winning funding provider for small businesses, is helping Diva Pets to invest in new products, services and staff training to grow its dog grooming and pet supply business with its alternative funding solution – the Business Cash Advance.

Wayne Briscoe, business owner, opened the Doncaster-based store in 2012 after spotting a gap in the market and when a well-located retail outlet became available. Wayne used his background in construction for the shopfitting and tapped into his wife’s expertise as a dog groomer and veterinary nurse to help get their first customers through the door.

“As with any business, we had to put in months of perseverance without making so much as a penny,” says Briscoe. “We just had to stick to our guns, but in time it really paid off. The last few years have been chock-a-block and we have now been rated as the number one dog groomer in Doncaster.”

Liberis’ Business Cash Advance provides funding from between £2.5K and £300K and payments are linked directly to the business’ cash flow – they happen as a small pre-agreed percentage of  customer card takings. Wayne has used Liberis’ Business Cash Advance to fund investments in products, stock and staff training that help the business to provide an all-round package:

“We’ve expanded our range to include certain products that help set us apart from our competitors. We also have the training to explain why these products are beneficial – and why, in the example of a super-premium dog food we’re importing from Norway, it is worth paying more money,” he says.

“While dog grooming is our bread and butter, the pet supplies area of the business is a key area of growth and the ability to capitalise on it has been very beneficial,” he explains.

Briscoe has also invested in a jacuzzi spa hydro bath and electric grooming table, and he says  they not only attract custom, but also improve productivity: “These investments speed up the dog grooming process, use less shampoo and with the electric grooming table, allow us to take on the bigger dogs that other groomers avoid.”

Briscoe is hoping to continue growing Diva Pets with further investments in ultra sound scanning, micro-chipping, breeding, and even artificial insemination: “The plan is to continue to use the best equipment available to us and provide products and services not seen elsewhere. It is because of Liberis that we are able to keep one step ahead of the game,” he explains.

Briscoe says the process of accessing funding through Liberis is very straightforward: “Banks make you jump through numerous hoops and don’t seem to favour those that don’t carry debt. With the new ‘myLiberis’ dashboard, applying for funds takes no more than 20 minutes and, most importantly, payments work with our business’ cashflow rather than a large lump sum at the end of the month.

“It’s simple, quick and highly effective for our business.”