Loyalty shopper mobile app, STAMP IT, launches in Tunbridge Wells

STAMP IT, a loyalty shopper mobile app for retailers, launches this week. It is free to download for shoppers from iTunes and Google Play.

STAMP IT uses a smart phone’s in-built technology to boost footfall and loyalty to the high street. The independents have been quick to back it, calling it a ‘mobile Portas’ initiative. Exclusive deals, loyalty stamps, an events calendar, GPS store and car park locators are featured. Users can pay for parking from within the app and extend their parking to stay longer in town.

Developed by two Kent business women, Gabrielle Argent and Prudence Buckley, the objectives are to boost retail trade and encourage shoppers to stay loyal to bricks and mortar stores.  Shops, cafes, restaurants and places of entertainment participate in the scheme for a minimal monthly fee. Any retailer willing to provide a loyalty scheme to reward their clientele can joinSTAMP IT.

Any town in the UK can apply for a STAMP IT franchise.

Tunbridge Wells is the first town to go live with STAMP IT.  Businesses including jewellers, fashion outlets, beauty salons, photography, estate agents, restaurants and high street printers were among the first to subscribe. Each business is featured with information about their store, contact details, opening hours, on-going offers, a ‘virtual’ loyalty card feature and maps showing the store’s location and the closest car parks.

Each retailer can specify their own STAMP IT reward scheme for shoppers. This operates in much the same way as paper loyalty schemes but without the hassle of having to carry numerous cards.

Users receive an in-app stamp on their mobile devices from the retailer each time they make a purchase (in accordance with each retailer’s terms). Once a store’s virtual loyalty card is completed, the customer can claim their loyalty reward. An automatic notification is sent to the retailer alerting them when redemption has occurred.

In addition, each retailer can also outline any on-going deals they may have.  These may be a “buy one get one free” offer, a special event or a cross linked deal with another retailer.

Argent is a chartered marketer and founder volunteer of the Tunbridge Wells Retail Group, a body of retailers who meet to discuss challenges and ideas to boost footfall, encourage membership and spread the word about initiatives in the town. She says: “This is Tunbridge Wells in the palm of your hand. It’s about retailers building relationships with customers and thanking them for regular custom. Engagement on social platforms has just taken a step over the threshold. Rewards are up to each retailer taking part with a variety of goodies and deals being offered to drive loyal shoppers back in store.”

Buckley is an indie mobile app developer with over 70 apps listed in the app stores. She believes that the explosion in use of smart phones and mobile technology is not only useful for the user, but also for businesses wishing to reach out and connect with new and existing clients. The ability of STAMP IT to contain a collection of the best retail offers for Tunbridge Wells is not only convenient, but is also mutually beneficial to users and retailers.