Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics launches new in-store sustainable packaging


Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has launched new in-store sustainable packaging as part of its commitment to using materials that can either be reused, recycled or composted.

The company has collaborated with James Cropper 3D Products to create a bespoke piece of packaging for its solid bath oils, aimed at enhancing the customer shopping experience in the most practical and sustainable way.

The product will be made using COLOURFORM, a sustainable alternative to plastic and other packaging materials, with Lush’s packaging being made from 100 per cent recycled coffee cup fibre from James Cropper’s own world-class recycling plant. The product is fully recyclable with household paper and is also naturally biodegradable, leaving no trace even if it does end up in landfill.

Kirstie Maclean, Lush R+D and production for brand, added: “The challenge for this project was really set by the need to elevate the customer experience when shopping our bath oil category, coupled with sincere considerations around waste, single use materials and functional design. James Cropper was the ideal choice – a British mill enthusiastic to embark on developmental projects and push innovation. The relationship has been open and supportive. The outcome – a slick, sustainable, lightweight and transportable box to allow the customer a ‘pick and mix’ experience with the products.”

From design to manufacture, Lush was able to draw upon James Cropper’s 170 years’ experience of world-leading innovation and expertise in coloured paper and fibre products. This collaborative approach ensured that the creation met aesthetic requirements while overcoming potential technical challenges, such as the material’s ability to withstand the moisture of products.

Matthew Miller, business director at James Cropper 3D Products, said: “Lush is a company that truly holds sustainability at its core and it’s been fantastic to work with such an ethical and forward-thinking brand. The packaging we’ve developed together will not only bolster Lush’s green credentials, but also help consumers to recycle with ease – a benefit that is welcomed now more than ever.”

The reusable packaging will be introduced online and to major UK stores in September, with a global rollout to follow.

Matthew added: “COLOURFORM is truly set to revolutionise the packaging industry. As more brands like Lush come on board and ditch plastic where possible, we can really amplify our protest against waste and collectively move towards a more sustainable future.”