Made for Drink creates 100% plant-based snack that pairs perfectly with rum


Made for Drink is an inquisitive, award-winning artisanal snacks business that would never be comfortable letting the grass grow under its feet. 

So this autumn Berkshire’s historically meat-themed snack aficionado: Duck Fritons, Chorizo Thins and Mangalitza Salami Chips, will launch a fourth magnificently moreish bar snack to satisfy  the discerning snacking needs of the nation’s growing vegan community.

Patacones (Plantain Chips) will also be Made for Drink’s first foray into a bar snack that pairs with a spirit, namely golden rum, which is fast establishing itself as gin’s natural successor  (next ‘big’ craft spirit).

According to Made for Drink founder, Dan Featherstone, ‘Since our launch, almost two years ago, it’s become increasingly clear that whilst people buy into everything Made for Drink stands for, we didn’t provide any products that chimed with consumers who don’t eat meat. This, coupled with a desire to find the perfect pairing for the next big thing in craft spirits (rum), saw us instinctively turn to the vibrant street food & drink cultures of South & Central America. This is where we discovered Patacones!’

Plantain is the distant cousin of the fruit bowl banana which we unceremoniously smash and twice fry before seasoning in salt, chilli and a sumptuous selection of traditional spices. 

Intensely delicious in their own right, Made for Drink Patacones are better yet if you can convince the local bartender to give up a lime slice for squeezing within your freshly opened pack.