Made for Drink joins forces with Cornwall’s Offshore Pilsner


Following a triumphant union at Taste of London, Berkshire’s dedicated fine snack enthusiasts, Made for Drink has decided to team up with rising beer star, Offshore Pilsner, from North Cornwall-based Sharp’s Brewery for the duration of the Great British summer. 

Offshore Pilsner’s crisp, clean, flavour is brisk yet refreshing with a citrus finish and enticing tropical fruit/herbal lemon aroma, all of which means it is the ideal partner for Made for Drink’s deliciously delicate yet crunchy Hungarian Mangalitza salami chips. The salty, rich in fat and umami profile of the chips provides the perfect depth of flavour that’s well suited to Offshore Pilsner, which is brewed with Czech yeast and continental hops.

According to Made for Drink founder, Dan Featherstone: “The strong cultural bond that naturally co-exists between two products with such rich Eastern European ties meant that this was always going to be a sublime epicurean union between producers committed to the same best-in-class values.’ 

Sharp’s communications manager Rachel Williams adds: “We applaud Made for Drink’s ongoing mission to create an artisan snacking operation that actively embraces the finest snacking traditions from around the globe whilst refusing to cut corners in terms of world class ingredients, small batch cooking methods or cultural food & drinks ties. We were especially excited to trial Made for Drink’s stylish ‘fine snacking’ tins’,because we believe this style of thoughtful packaging is an industry first in terms of plastic-free/recyclable packaging, reflecting our own determination to reduce our footprint on the wider environment. You could say it’s a match made in beer & food heaven.”