Mailjet launches free training tool to help educate businesses against common email pitfalls

European based email provider, Mailjet has today launched a free online course to help anyone learn the fundamentals of email marketing. The online course, the Flight Academy, was developed in response to a study of the common errors made by organisations in their email marketing efforts.

Mailjet carried out beta testing of the four module course and in person workshops with start-up communities such as Seedcamp at Google Campus and Techstars, as part of the Barclays Accelerator. The tests highlight that most people need further education on email design best practises and specifically design around call-to-action (CTA) buttons, with 28% of Flight Academy students incorrectly answering questions on this. The call-to-action is vital to driving conversions and therefore  the beta testing highlights the need for greater education on email marketing in order to avoid common mistakes. Companies that have complete the course include: Burst, Moteefe and PayBox.

Testing revealed that the majority of people think that readers spend as much time focusing on the call-to-action button, as the sender does, and that it’s the first thing a reader sees. Whereas, the first thing a readers actually sees when opening up an email is the top left corner.  

Top 5 most common pitfalls made by email marketers include:

  • 28% thought that call-to-action buttons cannot be A/B tested  
  • A staggering 25% of participants did not know how a ‘click-rate’ is calculated
  • Over 1 in 10 of respondents thought that keeping the content of emails short would naturally keep the size of an email low  
  • 12% believed that the first thing readers look out for in an email is the call-to-action button
  •  Incorrectly, nearly 10% thought that it is best practice to use as many call-to-action buttons as needed in an email

During the beta testing, most people thought that CTA buttons could not be A/B tested, this is incorrect as the A/B testing of the appearance, placement and content of a CTA button can prove hugely effective in improving conversion rates for individual campaigns and different audiences. Further to this, organisations may have been going wrong thinking they have free rein to include as many CTA buttons in one email as they like. However, Mailjet analytics show this approach can confuse readers, with just one CTA button thought to be most effective at driving conversions.

Mailjet has developed The Flight Academy, a free tool for anyone around the globe to use in order to help both experienced and novice marketers understand the fundamentals of email marketing to improve the effectiveness of these campaigns. Mailjet hopes that the course will ensure people are equipped to carry out email marketing themselves rather than outsourcing, or hiring an expensive specialist. After completing the course, the students will have the opportunity join a community of email marketers to share and discuss learnings and further development, as well as being able to add a certification to LinkedIn to demonstrate competency as an email marketer.

“Through their MassChallenge UK accelerator workshop and mentoring guidance, Mailjet has helped us beyond just email marketing, supporting the development of the content marketing strategy. It’s helped us focus on testing what resonates with video marketers through the insight Burst collects on more than 2,000 brands and influencers,” said Simon Bibby, CCO and co-founder of Burst Insights.

“The Flight Academy has been a great on-boarding tool for the whole team, covering more than just the basics of sound email marketing. This is a key reason why we feel it’s important that the entire team participates in Mailjet’s online course, so that we can communicate efficiently with each other and understand how each function feeds into a content marketing strategy that will grow our business.”

Amir Jirbandey, inbound marketing lead at Mailjet, said: “When it’s done right, email marketing can be an incredibly powerful and cost-effective tool for small businesses to deepen customer relationships and drive revenue. But when it’s done wrong it can be a headache and damaging for all involved. With the Mailjet Flight Academy we can help businesses of all sizes to navigate common pitfalls and learn from them to make sure their email marketing strategy fly high.”