Make Britain bake again: baking campaign launches to get Britain baking


Launching this month, the Easy Peasy Baking Campaign has been created to encourage non-bakers to stick the oven on and get baking in 2020! 

Baking at home can be simple, quick, cheap and use minimal equipment, but sometimes it can seem overwhelming! The Easy Peasy Baking campaign is here to simplify baking and cut through common misconceptions that stop people baking at home, in order to inspire more people across the nation to put their aprons on. 

A recent survey conducted by nabim, The National Association of British and Irish Millers, found that 24% of non-bakers say that baking takes too much time, 22% don’t bake because of a lack of energy and 19% find baking too difficult, so the campaign is designed to alleviate those barriers to baking and get the nation enjoying tasty home-baked treats. 

Proving that baking is for everyone, the Easy Peasy Baking campaign will share recipes, tips, hacks and more, showing potential bakers that baking at home really can be easy, quick and inexpensive, and that bakes can be made using equipment and ingredients that most people have in their cupboards already – Easy Peasy! 

Join the Easy Peasy Baking fun on social at @EasyPeasyBakes on Twitter and Facebook and @easypeasy.bakes on Instagram. The first month is focusing on showing people that baking is a great new hobby to try in the new year!