Making kids snacking healthier one bite at a time


UK based children’s snack company Fruit Bowl create fruit snacks and treats many of which contribute towards your 5 a day, making it easier for parents to give their children healthy snacks that they enjoy.

The range of Fruit Bowl products include Peelers; School Bars; Fruit Flakes; Yogurt Flakes and Yogurt Coated Raisins. Each bag or bar is perfectly packaged for slipping into a school lunchbox or popping into a bag for parents on the go.

Peelers are 100% fruit, six-sticky-stranded snacks that are a delicious and fun way for children to eat fruit. Available in three flavours, they are gluten-free, contain no added sugar, are vegetarian/vegan friendly and a simple way to make sure your child is getting just what they need, and enjoy interacting with the fruit in a hands-on way.  

School Bars are bar-shaped snacks, also made with real fruit, for chomp happy children. Each school bar is a super tasty, chewy snack, packed full of fruity flavour that contains only naturally occurring sugars. Choose from 4 flavours to make sure your little one tops up their fruit intake. And if they weren’t great enough, the packaging of each individual bar has a fun fact relating to the flavour of the pack!

Fruit Flakes are soft, chewy fruit pieces made from fruit purées – perfect for tiny fingers. Fruit Flakes are gluten-free and have no added sugar, with the Strawberry Fruit Flakes the 2018 Platinum winners in the Kids Snack category at the Loved By Parents Awards. Available in Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango and Blackcurrant flavours, Fruit Flakes are colourful, sweet and tangy, with each 18g bag having the same sugar content as a whole apple, making it super easy to give kids their fruit (masked as sweets!)

Yogurt Flakes come in three flavours and are little fruit pieces created from puréed real fruit pieces, which are then covered in delicious yogurt. The Yogurt Flakes are moreish, gluten-free, great for baking and perfect as an on-the-go or lunchbox treat. What’s more, they also come in a 10 pack making them great for parties or larger families and are a snack that parents enjoy too.

With no added colours or flavours Fruit Bowl’s Yogurt Raisins are a great treat made from juicy raisins covered in tasty yogurt. Also gluten-free, the Yogurt Raisins come in packs of 5x25g bags, perfect for every day of the school week.

Fruit Bowl’s other Yogurt Coated Raisins come in two flavours: Zingy Raspberry and Moreish Mango, a great snack choice for the slightly more grown up little ones in our lives. Juicy raisins are coated in either raspberry or mango flavoured yogurt to give them an extra fruity kick that mum and dad will love too.   

So whether you’re on the go, or shopping for the week’s lunchboxes, Fruit Bowl have a healthy snacking solution that works for you and satisfies little tummies too! Readily available at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Co-Op, Asda, Waitrose and on Ocado, you’re never far from Fruit Bowl!