Marigold re-names scourer to offer customer clarity


Household favourite, Marigold, has re-launched one of its most innovative scourers to further aid shopper comprehension at fixture.

Marigold Scrub Away Heavy Duty Scourer (formally No More Elbow Grease) has had a revamp for 2020, to offer customers a more comprehensive outline of the key product USPs, in those all-important shopper decisions, made within seconds at point of purchase.

The brand took the decision to move to a more self explanatory name; Scrub Away and also added a product descriptor – heavy duty scourer, to make it instantly clear to shoppers at fixture, what type of product they were purchasing and its primary uses.

Laura Marsden, shopper product manager for Marigold, commented: “In a category where shopper decisions are made in a matter of seconds, it‘s important that packaging clearly communicates product USPs. As part of a wider packaging upgrade for our cloths and scourers range for 2020, we have also taken this opportunity to further strengthen shopper comprehension of this product.

“Each of our products has been developed to offer strong USPs, to offer a differentiated positioning to private label at fixture. It is the role of brands to complement, rather than duplicate Private Label product benefits, so they offer clear USPs to entice trade up and provide clear quality tiering within categories.

  • Scrub Away Heavy Duty Scourer (RRP £1.29 for pack of two) –this flexible, foam-filled metallic scourer is extremely durable, lasting five times longer than a traditional spiral scourer*. Ideal for removing burnt on food and hard to remove grime on grills, pots and pans. Unlike traditional spiral scourers, which trap food fragments and can be difficult to rinse clean, Scrub Away boasts an easy to rinse surface, which means you can rinse clean with ease and re-use time and time again.