Marketplace Fruugo opens up global sales opportunities for retailers


At a time when many retailers’ sales are taking a knock, online marketplace Fruugo is providing retailers with opportunities to reach global customers to help in these difficult times.

As a global marketplace, Fruugo helps retailers reach over four billion online shoppers in over 40 countries across the globe. During the current crisis, the online marketplace is temporarily waiving its joining fee and offering a free marketing boost to new sellers that come on board in the next month.

Currently, sellers who are joining Fruugo would usually pay a £995 fee when they join the platform, however the marketplace has noticed a boost in sales across many of its categories and wants to help other businesses see these positive effects. In addition, Fruugo will give these new sellers additional marketing support on the site for the first month.

With many of Fruugo’s global shoppers being in lockdown and having to get used to ‘working from home’, the platform has seen a shift in how consumers are shopping.

Products linked to staying indoors – including home office equipment, games and children’s toys and home gym and fitness equipment – are seeing a particular increase in sales. Likewise sales of health and wellbeing products including vitamins and supplements are also seeing strong growth.

Tony Preedy, COO at Fruugo, comments: “Fruugo exists to help retailers sell their products to a global audience. We sell to customers in over 40 countries and during these unprecedented times, we have recognised that we can help many retailers who are feeling the effects of the crisis. By waiving the joining fee and offering a free marketing boost for new sellers, we hope to keep more businesses trading by providing them with a new and valuable source of sales, selling their products not only in their home countries but to customers across the globe.

“Retailers are typically resilient, optimistic and used to adapting to change however the current crisis represents an unprecedented challenge. The ongoing shift in consumer behaviour towards online shopping is going to accelerate as consumers adjust to social distancing and develop their eCommerce habit. Retailers need to quickly adjust their business model and acquire a greater digital presence and Fruugo is the perfect, fast, no-risk solution to the need for more sales.”