Meaty maestro Peperami recreates nation’s favourite takeaways to fill a hole during lockdown


Takeaway lovers rejoice, the UK’s favourite snacking brand, Peperami, has come to the rescue to help the nation recreate their favourite dishes from home, using a variety of store cupboard ingredients. The meat snack pioneers conducted research to pinpoint and then replicate the top 10 craved for fast food meals for Brits to make and enjoy during lockdown.  

Peperami uncovered Brits are pining for a slice of Italy, as pizza tops the poll for the most missed takeaway dish, with almost a quarter (24 percent) missing the doughy delights as local pizzerias and firm favourites Pizza Express and Pizza Hut remain closed. Hot on Italy’s heels is Indian cuisine, with one in five (22 percent) naming curries such as kormas and tikkas as their favourite takeaway treats.   

It’s no surprise that one in five (20 percent) are craving a MacDonald’s Big Mac, while more than one in 10 (11 percent) miss their cheeky Nando’s.  

The research also revealed the top 10 chain restaurants Brits miss the most. Topping the poll is fast food favourite MacDonald’s, with one in five (20 percent) missing a trip to the golden arch.  It seems fried chicken fans are also missing their fix, with almost one in 10 (8 percent) desperate to chomp on the Colonel’s KFC.  As well as this, a further one in 10 (8 percent) are craving puff pastry snacks from popular takeaway joint, Greggs.  

With research highlighting almost a third of the nation (30 percent) has tried their hand at creating their favourite takeaway at home, and more than one in 10 (14 percent) have failed miserably, Peperami wants to support fans in their quest to make their favourite fakeaway dishes taste as good as can be.  

Teaming up with top foodie influencers, Peperami’s fakeaway meals will help families make dinner time fun with tasty recipes, helping the nation bite a bit more off of lockdown.  Using quick hacks along the way, from MacDonald’s Big Mac to KFC’s Popcorn Chicken, homemade pizza and chicken tikka masala, each dish will fill that fast food fix, providing low-calorie alternatives using Peperami’s range of protein snacks.  

Top 10 takeaway restaurants the nation misses the most: 

  1. MacDonald’s 
  2. KFC 
  3. Greggs 
  4. JD Wetherspoons 
  5. Nando’s 
  6. Pizza Express 
  7. Subway 
  8. Wagamama 
  9. Burger King 
  10. Bella Italia 

Pavan Chandra, Marketing Manager at Peperami says: “As lockdown continues in the UK, eating at our favourite takeaway haunts seems like a distant memory. We’ve partnered with a variety of foodie influencers to show you how easy it is to recreate those delicious dishes at home using store cupboard ingredients like Peperami. Enjoy creating replicas of your favorite dishes and make mealtimes fun again, whilst getting a protein hit along the way too.”