Men in the UK spend more money on beauty treatments than women, booking app shows


Ahead of Men’s Grooming Day on 16 August, research conducted by the health & wellness booking app, MINDBODY reveals UK men spend a tremendous £3,400, on average, on beauty treatments, each year, compared to women who spend £3,100, on average.

Considering the findings, MINDBODY can reveal the top five beauty treatments men are spending the most money on, per year:

1.     Haircuts (£329.77)

2.     Massage (£214.77)

3.     Teeth whitening (£188.27)

4.     Spa (£185.91)

5.     Hair styling (£184.46)

So, why are men spending so much money on beauty treatments?

According to YouGov, nearly half (47%) like to make an effort with their appearance and think it’s important to stay looking young (45%).

Commenting on the research, a MINDBODY spokesperson, says: “Our research reveals just how much money men are spending on beauty treatments, each year. Haircuts are clearly leading the way as the most popular beauty treatment men are spending the most money on, which isn’t a surprise, especially since the experts believe our hair should be trimmed every eight to twelve weeks, or six to eight for breakage!

“New treatments are being launched often, so it’ll be interesting to see whether or not the amount of money men spend on beauty treatments continues to increase over the next year!”