MexImport appoints Sylvie Perez Johns as project manager

Sylvie Perez Johns and Katya Torres

Sylvie Perez Johns and Katya Torres

MexImport, a specialist importer and distributor of quality Mexican food and drink products, has appointed Sylvie Perez Johns as project manager.

Managing leading Mexican brands, Perez Johns brings to MexImport the ability to manage multiple projects, exceptional customer service skills and a strong work ethic.

Speaking about the appointment of Perez Johns, MexImport CEO, Katya Torres, said: “Sylvie joins our team with a great business background and genuine passion for Mexican food. She understands that Mexican brands and ingredients are in demand in the UK and has the determination to bring them to a wider audience throughout the country.”

Perez Johns said: “I spoke to Katya about importing various brands for me, which is where our relationship began. I’ve been a customer of for several years, so when Katya asked me to join the new retail distribution division, MexImport, I was thrilled. I admire her professionally and really enjoy working with our suppliers in Mexico and customers in the UK.”

Perez Johns will be managing some of the 15 leading Mexican brands in the UK MexImport represents. These brands include:

  • Ahuacatlan, the creator of infused avocado oil which uses the finest avocados grown in Michoacán, Mexico
  • El Yucateco, a leading producer of authentic Mexican sauces, condiments and drink concentrates  
  • Endotzi, a company that produces huitlacoche – also known as Mexican Truffle
  • Herencia de Plata Tequila, produced from a fourth generation family run business in Jalisco, Mexico, the 100% agave tequila has been awarded the Spirits Business’ Silver Medal in the Tequila Masters competition in the UK
  • Kante, a range of gourmet ingredients including infused oils, vanilla extract and agave nectar
  • Laterra, a range of speciality cooking sauces, marinades and dips made using traditional ingredients, methods and recipes
  • Ocho Reales, craft brewed ale made from 100% malted barley in Monterey, Mexico
  • Terana, the producer of a wide variety of high quality herbs and spices from around the world using best ingredients possible
  • Tortillas Guanajuato, gluten free and 100% corn tortillas made in the ancient town of Guanajuato
  • True Agave, the leading producer of agave syrup in Mexico, the natural sweetener that originates from the blue agave plant

Perez Johns has had a passion for Mexican food since she arrived in Guadalajara, Mexico aged 12. She has worked with brands from Mexico and the US, representing them in the UK.

In Mexico, Perez Johns studied at Universidad ITESO in Guadalajara gaining a BS degree in information systems. In London, she gained postgraduate certificate in ecommerce at the University of Westminster and has worked for companies such as Paramount Pictures, Esporta and Microsoft.

MexImport’s extensive product range includes sauces, marinades, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, herbs and spices, cooking oils and agave.