Morrisons and Waitrose have most ‘grocery groupies’, new research reveals

Morrisons has most grocery groupies shopping at its stores

Morrisons has most grocery groupies shopping at its stores

UK shoppers actively advocate and promote supermarket brands to their friends and family, according to research for Starcom MediaVest Group’s SupermarketUK study.

It found there are 400,000 so-called grocery groupies in the UK and Morrisons and Waitrose lead the field with the most connected shoppers, who recommend their favourite store to 25 friends and family every month.

Morrisons, with 179,000 grocery groupies, has over 30% more of these people as customers than either Sainsbury’s or Asda. 

Waitrose has the highest proportion out of all of the grocery retailers. The proportion of its total shoppers that grocery groupies account for is 60% higher than Sainsbury’s proportion and 70% higher share than Asda’s. In real terms that’s 64,000 grocery groupies, the lowest of the big six retailers but the highest in terms of share versus all shoppers, said researchers.

Sainsbury’s and Asda fair the worst. Grocery groupies are 15% less likely than average to shop at Sainsbury’s and 20% less likely to shop at Asda. This means while 39% of the whole population ever shop at Asda, just 31% of grocery groupies do so. Tesco does no better or worse than its share of the market suggests it should – 57% of the population ever shop there for groceries, as do 57% of advocates.

Starcom MediaVest Group analysed shopper behaviour in 20,000 supermarket shoppers across the UK using its new planning application, Community Igniter, to identify grocery retailer advocates and show which stores are making the most of people power.

Paul Selby, product development director at Starcom MediaVest Group, said: “In musical terms, Waitrose fans sing the loudest but, apart from Tesco, Morrisons have the most, with 43% of grocery groupies shopping at the store, compared to the 33% of all shoppers it gets through the door.

“This research unearths a hugely influential vocal minority in the UK, nearly half a million of them, who exert enormous power throughout their communities. Morrisons and Waitrose are at the front of the queue empowering a greater proportion of its customers who champion the store to 25 of their friends and family on a monthly basis.”