Morrisons to introduce SeeWoo Extra Virgin Soy Sauce in new ethnic range

Morrisons' listing

Morrisons’ listing

Morrisons is stocking SeeWoo Extra Virgin Soy Sauce in selected stores across the UK as part of a new ethnic food range.

The Extra Virgin Soy Sauce is claimed to be the perfect store cupboard staple; it is darker and richer than light soy and therefore can be used for cooking and as a dipping sauce. Dark soy is more treacle like and less delicate and is ideally suited for cooking, whereas light soy is ideally suited for dipping, said SeeWoo. 

The Extra Virgin is said to be a perfect blend of the two combining the characteristics of light and dark soy sauce in one unique sauce.

According to SeeWoo, the Extra Virgin Soy Sauce has a unique brewing method, using natural sunlight to ferment the soy. The sauce is drawn from the first fermentation, producing a clean, rich flavour and distinct aroma. An enriched formula is now being used to produce the Extra Virgin Sauce, with no added MSG or preservatives.

Morrisons is the first mainstream supermarket chain to sell the Extra Virgin Soy Sauce.

Paul Lei, ambient ethnic buyer for Morrisons, said: “We are very excited about launching our new ethnic range, we have some really exciting and authentic products to offer across the range and we are delighted to be able to offer Extra Virgin Soy as one of them.”   

As a leading UK oriental food supplier and wholesaler, SeeWoo Foods produces a range of soy sauces including light and dark varieties and a mushroom blend. 

Stanley Tse, chairman of SeeWoo and president of Chinatown, said: “There are eight main countries producing a range of the soy sauces but I am pleased to say we are the first to create an Extra Virgin variety.  The UK has embraced the use of soy sauce in cooking and as a condiment for many years and I am confident that the flavour and versatility of the product will make it an instant favourite with restaurateurs and the public.”