Moving Mountains partners with Sainsbury’s on plant-based range


Moving Mountains (, the pioneering British food tech company that launched the UK’s first plant-based ‘bleeding’ burger, is partnering with Sainsbury’s to make its ground-breaking products available in UK retail outlets nationwide, for the first time ever.

Plant-based range

From 30 December, the UK will be able to purchase the Moving Mountains Sausage Burger, Moving Mountains Sausage and Moving Mountains Hot Dog in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK, in the frozen aisle. 

The Moving Mountains range of Sausage Burgers, Sausages and Hot Dogs is made from 100 per cent raw plant protein, zero per cent animal and each one tastes and smells just like the real thing. By using simple and natural ingredients and incredible scientific processes, the range replicates animal meat in taste and texture.

Launching into retail is part of Moving Mountains’ mission to make truly inspiring flexitarian cuisine available to everyone nationwide. It will meet growing demand from consumers for a plant-based or flexitarian diet. Indeed, research has revealed that 34% of meat eaters in the UK reduced their meat consumption in 2018. 

The Moving Mountains’ frozen range uses less packaging than chilled food products, with zero plastic and also contributes to reducing the UK’s estimated 10 million tonnes of food waste, with the extended frozen shelf life.

Simeon Van der Molen, founder of Moving Mountains, says: “We have partnered with Sainsbury’s to make our ground-breaking products available in UK supermarkets nationwide for the first time ever. 

“We have spent years perfecting our recipes with a team of scientists, farmers and chefs to ensure our products emulate meat in taste and texture and they are the closest replication to a pork burger, pork sausage and hot dog in the UK. Until now, Moving Mountains has only been available in top casual dining chains such as Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood, and has been a UK success story leading the plant-based movement in this sector. However, now is the right time to launch into supermarkets and bring Moving Mountains into consumers’ homes, whether they follow a plant-based, vegetarian or flexitarian diet.”

The Moving Mountains Sausage Burger is a trailblazing innovation. Delicately seasoned and made from a combination of oyster mushrooms, pea and wheat protein, the 4oz burger can be cooked in just 12 minutes from frozen in a frying pan. 

The plant-based Moving Mountains Sausage Burger combines the look and texture of a traditional sausage patty with the taste of pork. It is ideal to enjoy at any time of day, whether at breakfast time in a muffin, for lunch in a burger bun or for a delicious roast dinner, alongside apple sauce and all the trimmings.

 The Moving Mountains Sausage is made with all-natural plant-based ingredients and a skin created from polysaccharides, which has a satisfying bite.

Made from nutrient-rich vegetables, including oyster mushrooms, the Moving Mountains Sausage is deliciously seasoned with pepper and nutmeg. 

Each Moving Mountains Sausage has 14g of plant protein (per 100g of Sausage). Seriously satisfying, the Moving Mountains® Sausage will quell comfort-food cravings and can be cooked in as little as 10 minutes in a frying pan. Perfect at any meal, it makes an unmissable addition to a plant-based full English and is the ideal accompaniment to mashed potato.

 Unlike any other plant-based hot dog on the market this product is proof that a pig isn’t needed to make a dog. Moving Mountains uses food technology, incredible scientific processes, specialised machines and local natural ingredients to create the Moving Mountains Hot Dog, which is identical to its pork counterpart in taste, smell and texture.  

Made with ingredients including sunflower seeds, carrots and onions, with a delicious naturally smoked flavour and satisfyingly firm yet bouncy texture, the Moving Mountains Hot Dog will be available in Sainsbury’s in a 60g size. The Moving Mountains Hot Dog can be enjoyed in fifteen minutes after being heated in hot water. 

Rosie Bambaji, plant-based buyer at Sainsbury’s, says: “We have seen growing demand amongst consumers for delicious and high quality plant-based products that can easily be enjoyed in daily life and we are delighted to introduce Moving Mountains’ innovative plant-based products in our stores across the UK. We have seen growing demand amongst consumers for delicious and high quality plant-based products that can easily be enjoyed in daily life and we are delighted to introduce the brand’s groundbreaking plant-based products in our stores across the UK.” 

The future of eating well for health and for the planet, Moving Mountains’ plant-based meat requires less land, less water and produces less greenhouse emissions than animal meat but still looks, smells and tastes as indulgent as regular meat.

Moving Mountains’ Sausage Burger, Sausage and Hot Dog is available to UK consumers in 300 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide from 30 December 2019