New book provides humorous, illustrated guide to British stereotypes

Celebrity chefs: stereotype featured in new book

Celebrity chefs: stereotype featured in new book

A new book providing an illustrated guide to British stereotypes has been published by product design company, That Company Called If.

Calvert’s Guide to the British features 200 satirised characters including celebrity chefs, life coaches, BBC news correspondents, WAGs, minor royals and politicians.

It is billed as an affectionate and humorous guide to British stereotypes, which matches pithy commentary with artwork by illustrator Tim Bulmer.

John Calvert, the book’s director, said: “This book leaves no stone unthrown in its quest to document every strata of modern British society. It presents a contemporary social commentary and captures a deeply revealing snapshot of the British as they are today.

“It’s taken two years to develop and publish. We had to make sure that we hit the right balance between being too bland and too cruel. Tim’s illustrations were critical to getting it right as they bring the characters alive with warmth and humour. 

“The opening ceremony to the 2012 Olympics showed the world British quirkiness and creativity at its best. We are very self-deprecating and do tend to poke fun at ourselves and each other. I think the end result of this project is a remarkable guide that is essential reading for visitors and residents alike who seek to understand what makes Britain unique as a nation.

“Tim and I have enormous affection for every character in the book,” said Calvert. 

“Will people be offended by it? Perhaps, but we all recognise stereotypes and surely it’s better to embrace them and celebrate them.”

The book will retail at £20.00.