New chilled children’s ready meals, Mrs Tinks, to launch in Ocado in May 2013


Tinks Food is launching a new range of chilled kids’ ready meals in Ocado on 22 May 2013. The range includes Fish Pie, Beef Lasagne and Chicken Curry. The meals will retail at two for £6 for the first two months. They are 300g size portions, bigger than most branded meals, making them perfect for one big kid or two little ones.

According to Tinks Food, the Mrs Tinks brand has grown in popularity over the last four years as a local delight and sanity-saver for south east London mums and dads. Since inception, parents are reported to have grown to love and whole-heartedly support the brand because their kids love the food and recognise the difference between Mrs Tinks and ‘other’ ready meals targeting children.

“We’re incredibly chuffed to announce that after all our hard work, in May 2013, Mrs Tinks will go national thanks to a listing with Ocado,” said Julia Boddy, founder of London-based Tinks Food.

Boddy said she spotted a distinct lack of ready meals for older children she eventually decided to give up her job in HR to afford other parents the pleasure of seeing their children enjoy nutritious and tasty food that someone else has made.

Boddy said: “We’ve sold exceptionally well in south London and kept a fair few parents sane along the way because the kids seem to love the food – it’s a bit daunting becoming a much bigger brand, but we’re looking forward to the challenge and mastering cooking for the nation”.

The packaging is described as novel and aimed at helping parents to engage their kids with food – each pack has funny or historical facts about the ingredients in the food and Tinks Food research has shown that parents see this as an added ‘treat’ for their kids to amuse them at mealtimes.

The taste and texture of the meals are so good that Mrs Tinks will appeal to adults as well, the company claims. Although parents will often have no choice but to eat a different meal to the one they’re serving for little ones, as children get older there is no reason why the whole family cannot eat the same meal, Tinks Food said.

The food is said to be honestly ‘handmade’ and not processed in any way, hence why each meal looks and tastes uniquely homemade.