New foot measuring solution aims to transform shoe retailing

New feet measuring and analytics device

New feet measuring and analytics device

Technology company, R&D Core, is launching a hi-tech, feet measuring and business analytics device, which it claims will change the face of footwear retailing for consumers and retailers alike.

SOLEPAD SYSTEM is said to be the perfect solution for improving foot health – given that today’s average adult is now two shoe sizes bigger than in the 1970s and there isn’t any real way for adults to measure their feet regularly.

It will also provide a hi-tech customer shopping experience; deliver powerful, one-on-one retailing and boost retail sales, R&D Core adds.

“Today’s tech-savvy shoppers are also looking for excitement in-store and SOLEPAD SYSTEM delivers a great interactive shopping experience. It’s all about looking after your feet in a hi-tech, fun way,” the company says.

As well as offering a great fun foot measuring device for adults and kids, the system gives retailers the chance to capture the entire sales cycle even understanding why a customer didn’t buy.

Key benefits for retailers include:

  •    Hi-tech, interactive and entertaining customer experience
  •     Improve shoe fit and delight customers
  •     Differentiation from the competition
  •     Capture vital business analytics 24/7
  •     Optimise stock levels and store efficiency
  •     Monitor footfall patterns and deliver dynamic customer service at busy times
  •     Personalise marketing promotions, bring customers back into store

The company said it is currently firming up its launch plans and campaigns and it plans to roll out the SOLEPAD SYSTEM to footwear retailers across the globe.