New Leeds-based Festival aims to celebrate ‘Wonderful World of Wellbeing’


A new weekend event celebrating wellbeing will make its debut at the Mercure Hotel in Leeds, 4-5 March 2017. The Wonderful World of Wellbeing (WWOW) aims to provide a ‘centre of wellbeing’ under one roof, where visitors can learn from over 60 single category wellbeing providers, practice wellbeing techniques, indulge the senses in mindful spaces and learn how practising wellbeing can enhance lives both personally and professionally.

The WWOW festival is described as a unique experience … where visitors can get ready to nourish themselves mentally, physically and spiritually throughout this weekend of relaxation and inspiration.

Wellbeing providers assist thousands of professionals in wellbeing activities for the mind and body, day in and day out, providing both physical and emotional support.

Wellbeing providers at the event will be showcasing their retail products such as essential oils, nutritional enhancements, skincare, health drinks, magnetic health support, yoga support products, Himalayan salt, candles, fresh fruit & veggies, therapies, live demos and holistic services.

Who is the event for: anyone who wants to inspire their life with increased wellbeing or just take time out from busy lives to indulge the senses, relax and rejuvenate the mind and body.

What’s going on: visitors can learn from wellbeing providers in the wellbeing arena, take in a therapy, book a follow up consultation and choose their preferred wellbeing providers. For a small extra charge of £1 per class/workshop or talk, visitors can take part in one of three special workshop activities: Speaker’s Corner, Alive & Kicking or attend a meditation in the Mindful Ritual Gardens, a purposely built space. All funds generated from these three activities will be donated to the Leeds MIND charity.