New social dining concept, WeFiFo, launched at intu

Set to revolutionise the way in which people eat, the multi-award winning, social dining tech platform WeFiFo teamed up with intu Chapelfield in Norwich to introduce an exclusive and exciting new experimental dining experience for food enthusiasts.

Named the intu Supper Club, the new “one night only” concept saw WeFiFo – a finalist in the intu Accelerate programme – work in partnership with one of Norfolk’s favourite dining destinations, The Last, to bring chefs and guests together to enjoy a compelling dining experience.

Chapelfield Plain – outside the main entrance to intu Chapelfield – was transformed into a unique dining space for the event with guests seated at large tables and chefs taking centre-stage. Diners were able to view the bespoke menu being prepared, enabling intu to create a theatre in its shopping centre.

As part of intu’s commitment to creating shopping experiences of the future, intu is working with WeFiFo to create dynamic dining events. WeFiFo will be using its tech platform to enable enthusiastic chefs to share their food with guests, bringing communities together.

“The intu Supper Club is a new revolutionary dining experience, which when combined with WeFiFo’s tech platform, is set to change the way in which we eat out,” says Trevor Pereira, commercial & digital director. “Designed to bring people and communities together, the event saw talented chefs and food enthusiasts come together to create a dining experience unlike anything we’ve seen before. This is a part of our effort to create theatre in our shopping centres and destinations that will make our customers smile.”

With the inaugural event for the new concept now complete, intu is planning to use this as a model for a series of unique dining experiences based at intu shopping centres across the UK.