New study reveals UK shopping habits through the night


City breaks, gym clothes and train tickets top the list for ‘most searched for’ late night products, new research has revealed.

The analysis, conducted by blinds brand 247 Blinds, looked at Google search patterns to find the most searched for items between 10pm and 6am in the midst of the 2018 heatwave. The research was based on a 2016 Barclays report that investigated the British public’s nocturnal spending habits, which included most frequently searched items.

The daily breakdown of late night searches shines a light on what people in the UK have on their minds in the small hours, with terms like ‘work clothes’ and ‘city breaks’ topping the list for Monday and ‘going out dresses’ peaking on a Wednesday when people’s focus turns towards the weekend.

Further results from Monday to Sunday are highlighted below:

Most popular day of the week (between 10pm-6am) Most popular searches
Monday City breaks, spa breaks, work clothes
Tuesday Diaries
Wednesday Dress, going out dress
Thursday Gym clothes
Friday Festival tickets, trainers
Saturday Blackout blinds
Sunday Mattress, bed


The hot weather appears to have taken its toll on Brits’ sleeping patterns, with searches for blackout blinds and new beds high up on the agenda.

The research also went on to reveal that 3:17am is the most popular time in the UK for late-night internet browsing, with the nation turning to Google when they can’t get some well-needed shut eye.

Leanne Spencer, Sleep Expert at Body Shot Performance commented on the findings:

“It’s key that people understand the importance of a good night sleep and the affect it has on our body, even just a small amount of light can interrupt our sleep and have an effect on our health.

“From these results, it’s very clear to see that people are having issues switching off, and instead turning to their phones and online shopping at some very late times!

“Blue light is a frequency of light that is emitted by electronic devices and screens such as iPads and televisions, and the problem is it suppresses melatonin, a hormone which prepares us for sleep.

“One thing I always suggest is having a screen time curfew. Try and avoid devices after 7pm, or at least switch them to night mode to reduce blue light. Alternatively, wear blue light blocking glasses.”

Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds also commented on the results:

“With the heatwave in the UK this year taking over our summer, temperatures have made sleep that bit more difficult, which got us thinking: were those uncomfortably hot nights causing us to turn to Google?

“It certainly appears so. The search patterns over a seven-day period are very interesting to see. At the start of the week, it appears that we’re put off by the idea of work and instead searching for getaways, whereas midweek, our focus shifts to the weekend and what we’re planning to wear on Saturday night.

“Here at 247 Blinds we understand the importance of getting a good night sleep and couldn’t agree more with Leanne’s advice on setting a deadline to switch off devices. Our blackout blinds are great for cutting out any unwanted light and early sunrises, helping you to get a better night’s rest.”

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