New website launches to enable consumers to search for any consumer product ‘made in the UK’


YouK’s philosophy is simple – every time you buy a product made in the UK, everyone wins.  The aim is to enable consumers to consciously select their purchases, supporting the environment, UK jobs and, in turn, our public services.

Through its innovative YouK Scoring system, consumers can choose from many hundreds of thousands of ‘made in the UK’ products. How it works is that each brand or product is individually rated from one to five, ranging from partially to substantially made in the UK. Three main factors are assessed: –  

  • Design / Research and Development –  designed by a team in the UK – this can include innovation or research and development, for example in pharmaceuticals.
  • Manufacture / Produce – farm produce, UK landed fish or the quality and extent of manufacture; ranging from the basic assembly of parts made elsewhere, to finished products substantially manufactured in the UK.
  • Input Materials – the amount of UK produced material which the product is made from.  

YouK has divided the products into 12 search categories including:  Food, Drink, Clothes and Accessories, Footwear, Home Appliances, Home Furnishings, Home Maintenance, Household, Health and Personal Care, Leisure, Sports and Vehicles, from well-known brands to small businesses and specialist crafts people.

Consumers can search over 500 cheeses, 500 bottles of gin, 257 clothes brands covering over 200 product types and wine by the grape type – all of which are made in the UK. 

Navigating up and down the information easily is a major feature, making searching and browsing fast and relevant.

You can also search for a specific item such as a type of fish dish to cook and YouK will suggest fish landed in the UK, ranked by its Marine Conservation Society sustainability rating. 

You can look for teas or coffees through the perspective of which UK blenders and packagers are the highest rated ecologically, taking the best care of in-country workers or even find an over the counter medicine, developed and/or manufactured in the UK, specific to your needs.

Regardless of each brand or individual product YouK Score, everything featured on the site is celebrated by YouK as it gives back to the UK enabling consumers to shop a little more consciously.

By buying products from the UK it is a win-win for consumers and the environment alike, enabling more eco-conscious shopping by helping people to select ‘UK Local’ produced items that have less product miles, lower levels of waste and reduced packaging.

YouK also helps consumers to invest in the UK economy, boosting sales and home-grown jobs. This in turn supports vital public services and investment in local communities.