NIMBUS launches new ‘smarter than down’ alternative


NIMBUS, the name associated with one of the highest quality goose down bedding collections on the market, has added a truly innovative new product to its line – a range of duvets and pillows that emulate the decadence, sensation and properties of 100% Goose Down but use recycled PET bottles to create soft, silky fibres.      

New SMARTDOWN mimics NIMBUS’ highest grade feather and down products in every way.

 The innovative filling provides the comfort of down and, even during production, fibres are handled just like down, blown into each cassette for even distribution and ultimate loft. It is a genuine synthetic alternative to traditional down, with hypoallergenic qualities and it’s washable for a healthy and fresh night’s sleep. 

SMARTDOWN’s sustainably sourced 280 thread count cotton cover completes this look-alike product, delivering a luxurious feel and breathability. And SMARTDOWN products are hand-finished in the same exacting way as NIMBUS’ Gold, Silver and Bronze Collections of natural fill products.  

Helen Johnson, The Fine Bedding Company marketing manager, said: “Inspired by nature and developed using the latest technologies in our own ECO factory, we’re extremely excited to be bringing something completely new to the market.

“Using silky soft fibres derived from recycled PET plastic bottles, we’ve created a new generation of luxury bedding.  It’s the way we spin the fibres in our pioneering fibre-blowing technique which creates comforting, down-like clusters which mimic the behaviour of down, while a loose cassette structure holds volume, trapping air and warmth.” 

Johnson continued: “The NIMBUS brand is backed by the expertise of The Fine Bedding Company that’s leading the market not only in responsible feather and down sourcing practices but in developing innovative, new synthetic fiberfill, produced in the most environmentally friendly way.       

“In addition to being the closest to down fibres within our portfolio, SMARTDOWN fibres are also made from 100% recycled materials.

“Manufactured in Trendsetter’s ECO factory in Estonia, we use PET bottles as a substitute for raw materials in the production of our sustainable fibres. By using recycled bottles as the source material, up to 66 per cent of energy is saved and 54 per cent fewer CO2 emissions are produced during the manufacturing process. For every ton of plastic that is recycled, about 6.4 meters of landfill space is saved. ”   

Jouhnson added: “The latest trend forecasting reports show that luxury products are one of the biggest categories for growth in UK retail, and consumer demand for brands with a strong CSR message is equally sought after by environmentally aware consumers.  We’ve responded with a truly luxurious range that doesn’t cost the earth, literally.

“Our brand stands for quality – pure and simple. And this new product fits perfectly into our ethos.”

SMARTDOWN is being launched to the trade in September 2017 and will be available in store from November ( The product is recommended to retail from £109 for a single duvet, pillows are recommended at £45. There will be three warmth options for the duvets, light for summer, medium for all year round and warm for winter in each size.  

NIMBUS was launched in 2015 to set new standards in all-natural filled bedding, both in terms of the quality and traceability of the fillings that go into its products.  It only uses the finest materials, meticulously sourced and carefully crafted using traditional techniques to create a supreme finish unlike anything else on the market. 

NIMBUS Emporium is also ahead of the market with a 10-year quality guarantee on duvets.

The NIMBUS Emporium collection has three ranges: Gold, Silver and Bronze; while NIMBUS offers two further grades of duvet and pillow and NEW for 2017 a Smartdown range – the ultimate alternative to down.