Nominations open for 2017 Worldpay everywoman in Retail Ambassadors Programme


The 2017 Worldpay everywoman in Retail Ambassador Programme has just launched its 10th anniversary search for the industry’s most inspiring female role models. Drawing on the theme of “Reinventing Retail” this year’s programme recognises the role that technology has played in the transformation of the retail industry over recent years as well as what its impact is predicted to be in the future.

As the UK’s largest private sector employer, the retail industry is expected to increase its recruitment requirements by 14% in 2017 up to 3.3 million employees, demonstrating the growth of opportunities within this fast evolving sector. 1

Digital development is the hot prediction for 2017 with brands investing heavily to add value to customer experiences and increase the efficiency of operations within the business. 2 Major retailers are already exploring enhanced shopping experiences such as personal recognition, digital wallets, artificial intelligence and robotics, all of which are set to further transform the way we shop. 3

This year’s 10th anniversary programme is inviting nominations by and for women whose career triumphs have shown true vision and inspiration. The programme’s mission is to celebrate individuals whose success makes them an ambassador for their industry and a role model for other women and young girls considering a career in retail. They will be women of all ages, at different stages in their careers and with wide ranging skills.  They may include entrepreneurs with innovative retail businesses or those whose talents are contributing to positive change in the organisations they work for.

There is no cost to nominate and the deadline for applications is 15 May 2017. For further details visit