Nuba Cocktails debuts with ready-to-drink recipes

Nuba Cocktails: ready-to-drink

Nuba Cocktails: ready-to-drink

Nuba Cocktails, the brainchild of north west entrepreneur Victoria Novis, is targeting the retail, bar, pub, hotel and restaurant trade with its new range of ready-to-drink cocktails in a bottle.

They are available in three flavours – Cosmopolitan, Mojito and Mai Tai. According to the company, the cocktails are made using premium spirits and fresh fruit juices with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They are available in 200ml bottles, equivalent to one serving.

The company claims the Nuba Cocktails are ideal for on-trade locations with busy peak hours and for venues that don’t have a cocktail list but are keen to introduce one without having to invest in costly staff training.

They are also ideal for the off-trade retailers, keen to offer a premium ready to drink cocktail choice for consumers, it says. Made in the UK, the cocktails are also a great option for hotel mini-bars, airline catering, event catering and concert venues, adds the company.

Novis said: ”I wanted to create a high-end range of bottled cocktails. There’s a real gap in the market for superior quality pre-mixed drinks and we use only the finest ingredients that you’d find in freshly made cocktails. We put our cocktails to the test against freshly-made versions made by professional mixologists serving in award-winning cocktail bars and we were overwhelmed with positive feedback.”

Nuba Cocktails have a 7% ABV and are available in trade cases of 24. Rrp is £3.60.