Oriental food supplier, SeeWoo, to market dehydrated soy sauce in Europe


SeeWoo: marketing dehydrated soy sauce

SeeWoo: marketing dehydrated soy sauce

Oriental food supplier and importer SeeWoo claims it has the answer to the ever growing problem for food manufacturers with the introduction of PRB Dehydrated Soy Sauce Powder.

Pearl River Bridge, China’s largest exporter of soy sauce, manufactures soy sauce using a natural fermentation process and can now offer it in a dehydrated format making it easy to store and simple to use. 

The Dehydrated Soy Sauce Powder is available in Dark, Light and Japanese versions as well as dehydrated Rice Vinegar.

Dehydrated Soy Sauce will be supplied by Pearl River Bridge and distributed by SeeWoo Foods. Restaurants will be able to order the product by contacting SeeWoo directly.

According to SeeWoo, this very popular ingredient has been used for thousands of years, and is a great way of making an ordinary dish truly delicious.

Soy sauce has been seen as a great way to give flavour to ready meals and bakery goods, while enabling the producer to develop products that reducing the overall level of salt within the product, the company said.