Oversized packaging is number one annoyance for consumers, finds Macfarlane Packaging study

The number one annoyance for online shoppers is receiving items sent in unsuitably sized packaging, according to the results of a consumer survey published by a leading UK packaging provider.

The OnePoll research, commissioned by the UKs largest packaging distributor, Macfarlane Packaging, was conducted across 1,000 UK consumers and found over a quarter of them (25.6%) received items delivered in boxes or parcels that were far too large. This prevented small items from being posted through letterboxes and resulted in recipients being forced to make other arrangements for delivery or to pick up the parcels.

Meanwhile, in second place, 22.8% of consumers expressed frustration at receiving items in packaging that had become ripped or damaged during transit, risking damage to, or loss of, the contents of the parcel.  Insufficiently protective packaging, risking the same outcome, came in third place at 19.8%.

Laurel Granville, director at Macfarlane Packaging, said: “Its clear from this latest research that consumers are frustrated by unsuitable packaging for online deliveries, and rightly so. In todays 24 hour economy where time is a precious commodity and people use online technology to make life easier, the last thing they need is to waste time collecting ordered items from delivery offices or waiting around for repeat deliveries.

Increasingly, smart logistics providers are ‘letterboxing’ items where they can, posting deliveries and notifying customers they have done so to eradicate these time wasting factors, but this can only happen if suitably sized, durable packaging has been used by the seller.

“It’s also clear that consumers expect that enough care has been taken to ensure that their package arrives in one piece, so there is a balance to be struck between size, protection and a quality logistics service. There are many ingeniously designed packages and boxes available to retailers today, and customising these to meet both their brand and design requirementsas well as delivering customer satisfaction first time, is key to the success of their online operations.

As we see the economy increasingly focuon internet-based retail, there is an urgent need for those firms that are still lagging behind in terms of their packaging provision to catch up or risk a serious dent in their revenue and reputation.

The complete set of research findings can be found at www.macfarlanepackaging.com/packaging-irritations-survey-2014