Palmer & Harvey partners with Zapper to offer mobile payments and rewards to retail members


Zapper, the global consumer insights and marketing platform enabled by mobile payments has partnered with UK wholesale giant Palmer & Harvey (P&H), enabling retailers to instantly understand and reward loyal customers.

Currently servicing over 5,000 UK stores, this next generation partnership allows P&H to offer its Plus Extra members a one-stop-shop marketing platform to instantly gain shopper insights and reward loyal consumers. With the ability to seamlessly pay, redeem offers, directly feedback and gain loyalty points, both shoppers and retailers alike will love the convenience of this smart app solution.

Simon Harris, business development controller – P&H, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Zapper, who will provide our 3,000 Plus Extra members with a fantastic loyalty and reward solutions for their consumers. We are consistently looking at ways of providing new and innovative ways of driving footfall into stores. The Zapper partnership will add real value to our Plus Extra members.”

The power lies beyond the payment and using the Zapper solution, retailers will be able to automatically send digital vouchers and incentives straight to individual customers based on previous purchases. Speed of payment and offer redemption at counter is crucial to avoid lengthy queues and potential ‘basket drop’. Enabled by scanning a unique QR code to upload the bill straight to the users phone for quick tap payments and seamless voucher deduction, shoppers can now ditch their wallets, save time and enjoy the true meaning of convenience.

Scanning a unique QR code to upload the bill straight to the users phone for quick tap payments

Scanning a unique QR code to upload the bill straight to the users phone for quick tap payments

The new partnership enables Zapper to be listed as one of 300 Palmer and Harvey’s Plus Extra suppliers available to thousands of retailers across the UK. Plus Extra members will now have the opportunity to use Zapper’s all-in-one marketing solution to communicate with their individual customers and deliver targeted in-app rewards and brand specific offers.

Gerry Hooper, CEO Zapper UK, said: “Having just recently launched into the convenience retail sector, we are incredibly excited to partner with Palmer and Harvey and their well established Plus Extra Scheme. Zapper is revolutionary for retail. For the very first time, brands and retailers will both be able to instantly communicate with individual shoppers, offering real value and insight to understand specific products purchased by brand.”

Zapper already has over 12,000 businesses using the system internationally. The Zapper app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. For more information about Zapper please visit: