Partnership launched to help organisations safeguard against Coronavirus and restore public confidence


Market leading UK technology specialist, CoreTech Solutions, has joined forces with security surveillance specialist IndigoVision to unveil an innovative new temperature screening product, Agora Temperature Screening, to help reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission in public spaces. 

As the UK prepares for the relaxation of social distancing measures, the partnership is aiming to restore the public’s confidence in visiting public spaces, workplaces, and retail and leisure destinations. 

Agora goes beyond traditional screening cameras to not only detect a person’s elevated skin temperature as they enter a building, but also ensures that the results are effectively managed with tailored operating procedures helping front desk personnel provide a fast, consistent response, while minimising human error.

This product, combined with CoreTech Solutions’ understanding of technology network infrastructures, and the needs of UK developers, property management companies and advisors, means Agora can be installed and implemented within 24hrs, safely and efficiently unlocking access to public spaces.

Phil Cox, managing director of CoreTech Solutions, commented: “Our partnership with IndigoVision enables us to use our complementary industry knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that will help restore confidence to the market, and aid the long-term recovery of businesses and organisations across the UK.”

Pedro Vasco Simoes, CEO of IndigoVision, said: “Technology has an important role to play in opening up the economy again and a key part of this will be giving people the confidence to return to everyday activities, such as going to work.

“Agora Temperature Screening enables organisations to provide peace of mind and a duty of care to employees, customers and visitors looking to enter their buildings. Not only does the Agora solution screen for elevated temperatures, it also guides the operator in how they manage the results. This ensures consistency but also discretion, as results need to be handled sensitively.”