Pentland Brands appoints Lorax Compliance to meet packaging obligations


Pentland, owner of some of the world’s most high-profile and popular sports, outdoor and fashion brands, has outsourced its packaging data management to Lorax Compliance, a global expert that helps companies meet their legal obligations.

The constantly-changing nature of the fashion industry affects the type and amount of packaging that Pentland uses across its thousands of footwear, apparel and equipment products for brands such as Berghaus, Speedo and Canterbury. With EU Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation requiring businesses to take responsibility for the packaging associated with their products, companies such as Pentland must calculate and pay fees on the amount they place on the market.

By outsourcing operations to Lorax Compliance, Pentland has access to a team of highly experienced compliance experts. Lorax’s in-depth knowledge of worldwide reporting requirements ensures that the global brand owner meets its obligations.

The Lorax team analyses Pentland’s packaging Bill of Materials (BOMs) and sales data to assess the amount of packaging that has been placed on the UK market. With this data, Lorax is able to calculate Pentland’s fee-paying obligations in the UK. The same process can be rolled out easily in the future for other countries.

Mark Baker, head of planning and risk at Pentland, said: “As experts in packaging compliance, we have confidence that Lorax will not only compile our reports to the highest professional standards, but also provide additional insight. The team has already identified that we were overstating packaging across a couple of our products, which has reduced our recycling fees considerably. Such insight is invaluable and the partnership provides us with the ability to draw upon a wide range of expertise to support our business.

“Compliance is vital but it is, like all regulatory reporting, challenging. Lorax, with its unique software solution, is able to tackle this challenge head on and ensure we meet our obligations and pay the correct fees.”

Graham Margetson, CEO of Lorax Compliance, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Pentland. Its business of thousands of products, manufactured and sold at different locations across the world, is exactly what Lorax was set up to support. We understand the exacting, but differing, requirements countries have when it comes to implementing legislation such as EPR, and we provide the data, consultancy and software so businesses can simplify their reporting processes and improve accuracy.”