Pished Fish launches first non-boozy slow cured salmon


This autumn the Pished Fish launches its first non-boozy salmon into Harrods Fortnum & Mason and the UK’s buoyant independent deli scene, deliberately substituting top drawer booze for juniper & cherry infused smoke. 

Juniper and cherry infused smoked salmon

Of course, as the Pished Fish brand name suggests, booze is an integral piece of the Pished Fish jigsaw, and yet, like any ‘customer friendly,’ artisan operation saw an inviting opportunity to introduce a sober salmon into its award-winning portfolio.

According to Pished Fish founder, James Eagle: “We completely understand that boozy fish might not be to everyone’s taste which is why this ‘Scandinavian style’ inspired salmon offering is ideally suited to any designated driver or ‘Dry January’ participant who wants to stay off the sauce whilst enjoying the more acceptable side of smoking; because when all’s said & done, it’s our  slow-cured Scottish salmon that’s the real hero of the hour.”

For those not in the loop, The Pished Fish is Sussex-based business with an enviable big city following (leading London Department stores and a national online/independent deli foot/finprint).

Eagle is on a single-minded mission to revive salmon’s unapologetic swagger, coupling salmon’s enviable ‘clean living’ reputation, (omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and B vitamins) with an altogether more audacious and debonair identity which celebrates salmon’s enviable ability to pair perfectly with high quality alcohol & botanicals, before being smoked in small cosy batches over wood.

For more info visit www.pishedfish.com