Pop stars tie with Coca-Cola to release Kenya fundraising track


Pop stars Chris Taylor, Solange Knowles and Twin Shadow have teamed up with The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and its NGO partners in Africa to release an exclusive donate to download fundraising music track and video.

The artists have written and recorded the track for RAIN, the Replenish Africa Initiative, a programme created by Coca-Cola Africa Foundation which brings together business, NGO’s, local government and committed individuals to tackle the problem of access to water and sanitation in communities throughout Africa.

The track and video entitled Kenya will be available for download for a donation from 15 March at www.MusicforRAIN.net with proceeds going towards projects around RAIN initiatives proposed for 2011 by The Coca Cola Africa Foundation.

Funds raised will go towards three specific projects: building a girls’ latrine at a school in Rwanda, building a rainwater harvesting roof in a school in Uganda and purchasing water containers for children to transport water home from school to their families in Cameroon. The initial target to support these projects is $10,000. The specific projects were hand-picked by the artists to illustrate how the issues around water affect people in Africa and what sort of solutions can be put into place to tackle the problems as well as how we can all contribute.

The song, inspired by Kenya, was written by Chris Taylor (CANT) with guest musicians Solange Knowles and Twin Shadow using audio and video images brought back by director Natalie Johns who had travelled to Kenya with the Coca Cola Africa Foundation to learn about the issues and solutions around access to water and sanitation.The video, which is accompanied by a behind the scenes ‘making of’ mini-documentary, was shot in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi and rural region of Kirindon, Kenya, and shows some of the basic challenges and solutions with water highlighting the work carried out by RAIN and its benefits to local communities.

Solange Knowles said: “Water is a necessity, it’s not a privilege. The ‘Music for RAIN’ project gives everyone a chance to contribute and play a part in improving the situation.”

Lynne Crowther from Coca-Cola’s Live Positively Collective, who set up this partnership, said: “As a first for Coca-Cola, we are really excited to release Kenya as part of the Music for RAIN campaign. The artists involved have shown a massive amount of commitment and determination and we really hope to achieve and exceed our fundraising target.”

William Asiko, director of the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, said: “We realise that no one organisation can solve the problem of access to water and sanitation across Africa. With RAIN we hope to start a social movement and galvanise people into action.”

RAIN provides access to safe drinking water to communities throughout Africa with the aim to provide at least 2m Africans with clean water and sanitation by 2015. The organisation was set up in 2009 by the Coca-Cola Company and is implemented by the Coca-Cola Foundation.

The release of Kenya coincides with the launch of Coca-Cola’s Live Positivity Collective a new online hub that will house all of the company’s sustainability projects in one place for European consumers at www.LivePositivelyCollective.com