Premium Belgium crisps take off in Europe and target UK

Roger's Handcooked Chips: new crisps brand

Roger's Handcooked Chips: new crisps brand

Roger’s Handcooked Chips, premium Belgium crisps previewed at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London in September 2010, are enjoying sales success in Europe and poised to crack the UK market.

According to business development manager Pieter Raes, production of the first crisps – available in Sea salt and Blackpepper & Sea salt – commenced in the second week of December 2010.

“Sales are now lifting off,” he said. “We already have clients in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Dubai and Slovenia, so it is going well.

“We are now looking at the UK market,” said Raes.

The chips are made by Roger & Roger, which also produces and distributes the Croky brand in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Editor’s verdict: Roger’s Handcooked Chips are light and crispy and have a good crunch factor. They are nicely seasoned and taste very much like a traditional crisp.