Big pot yogurt sales grow by 10.1%, reports Lancashire Farm Dairies


Sales of ‘big pot’ yogurt are booming and are likely to continue, according to Lancashire Farm Dairies.

The overall UK market growth of ‘big pot’ yogurt is 10.1%in the last year and is now valued at £327m.

The growth of the category reflects the nations’ love of yogurt and its increasing use as an ingredient and not just a snack. The rise in the ‘big pot’ category represents a huge opportunity for brands and businesses looking to tap in to this growing consumer demand.

Currently only producing yogurt in the ‘big pot’ format (450g and above), Lancashire Farm is one of the fastest growing yogurt brands in the UK that is leading the way in big pot sales, with a 14.4% increase in overall sales over the last year.

Azhar Zouq, managing director at Lancashire Farm, said: “The recent figures not only highlight strong results for Lancashire Farm as a brand but also show that consumer shopping habits are changing.

“The range of products that we currently offer tap in perfectly to what consumers are currently seeking out. Yogurt is now no longer seen as just an on-the-go snack, it is now being purchased as a product that can enhance the flavour of a variety of dishes.”

Another strong performing yogurt category is natural, which has seen an overall growth of 13.6% and is now valued at £231m.

Zouq added: “As well as big pot yogurt, natural yogurt has continued to rise in popularity. Consumers are more and more so looking for products that offer great health benefits, but still provide great taste, versatility and superb value for money.

“Lancashire Farm is continuing to offer consumers a range of flavoursome yogurt products, with a major focus on big pot and natural categories. With the consumer habits continually changing, we are always striving to innovate and adapt to consumers’ needs.”

The Lancashire Farm Dairies range uses the best ingredients including milk directly from farms in Lancashire to create consistently good flavours.

Priced at between £1.20 and £2 for pack sizes from 450g to 1kg, Lancashire Farm’s range is available in all major retailers across the country.