Research reveals how shoppers make a good start for a healthier new year


Research by Central England Co-operative has revealed that shoppers’ buying habits reflect their desire to eat more healthily in the new year.

Last year 26% of shoppers made a healthy change to their diet in January. The top three changes were eating more fruit and veg, giving up alcohol and reducing sugar.

Berries were a big seller for Central England Co-op in January 2019, with sales of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries up almost 20% compared to the previous year.

Sales of wholefoods also rose in the first two weeks of January 2019, with purchases of dried green lentils (500g) up by a third and other beans up around 10% including Co-op Red Kidney Beans, Co-op Chick Peas with No Added Salt and Co-op Red Split Lentils. These increases may also reflect the rising interest in veganism. Committed vegans or people who are happy to make small changes towards a more plant-based diet, can find great choices in store from basic ingredients to the new Gro range of vegan food, which will be available in selected stores from 8 January.

Responsible drinking is also high on the agenda for those with healthy ambitions for 2020 and Central England Co-op has a range of low and non-alcoholic wines, ciders and beers which are guilt-free and full of flavour. In the first half weeks of January 2019, the retailer saw sales of one 0% alcohol lager more than double and the trend seems set to continue.

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