Retailers can’t rely on brand integrity to guarantee seasonal sales, says Shutl


Retailers need to rely on more than brand integrity to secure sales this Christmas according to a national survey into online shopping attitudes. Of the 1,070 online shoppers polled on behalf of Shutl, the platform that gives people control over their deliveries, 95% would potentially consider going to another retailer if a site couldn’t offer delivery that suited their needs. Two out of five shoppers (41%) said they’d ‘definitely’ shop elsewhere if the last mile delivery wasn’t right for them.

The findings come at a time when stakes couldn’t be higher. The survey, carried out by survey consultants Censuswide, also shows that e-commerce momentum is continuing to grow at pace with over half (52%) consumers expecting to shop online more this Christmas compared to 2015. This is a substantial increase on last year’s figure when only 30 per cent of shoppers expected to increase their level of online festive shopping from the previous year.

The pressure on retailers is increased further with more than two in five (42%) shoppers having higher online delivery expectations than in 2015.

The survey also found that:

  • One in five (20%) of shoppers find Christmas shopping the most stressful part of Christmas
  • One quarter (255) of shoppers wish Christmas shopping was easier
  • Only 5% of people never shop online

Jason Travaria, head of Shutl, says: “An on-demand lifestyle is taking hold in the retail space as customers seek instant gratification in more aspects of their everyday life. Technology is facilitating a shift in control, making it easier for customers to shop around online and setting higher expectations in the process. For retailers, this means that the one part of the supply chain process that the retailer usually has least control over – delivery – is becoming the deciding factor at securing sales.”