Salubrious Sauce Co. launches new Classic BBQ Sauce


Suffolk-based sauce aficionado, Salubrious Sauce Co. is excited to unveil its latest creation, a Classic BBQ Sauce that’s perfect for the upcoming summer season.

With three popular products already under its belt: British Breakfast Sauce, Chip Shop Curry Sauce and Sunday Lunch Sauce; the brand’s new Classic BBQ Sauce is an excellent addition to the range and a perfect choice for barbecue lovers.

All-natural and artisan-made, the new Classic BBQ Sauce is a deliciously tangy and smokey combo that makes a perfect partner for burgers, sausages or steaks on the barbie, or for pouring over ribs, as a marinade or tasty dip. It’s the ideal choice for the summer season.

“We’re really excited to launch our new BBQ Sauce,” says Chief Saucerer Jim Fennell, who founded the brand 18 months ago. “A humble barbie is a favourite pastime with us Brits so it deserves a special sauce to really make it great. We think we’ve provided just that and we hope our customers will enjoy it as much as we do. It’s an excellent addition to our range.”

Salubrious Sauces are available from delis and farm shops nationwide and through Shire Foods and Auguste Noel. RRP £3.95 per 250g bottle. All four products are suitable for vegetarians.

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