Samsung employs new technology to improve after-sales and customer experience


Samsung has today announced the deployment of new customer experience software and shop floor management technology to power its new Experience Stores through cloud-based software provider, Qudini. 

The South Korean electronics and technology conglomerate has a range of new stores that serve as experience hubs for its customers to engage with products and receive advice before and after purchase. With Qudini’s suite of software, Samsung can manage the high footfall of customers entering its stores with a queue management tool, enable customers to book appointments with staff for advice, servicing and repairs, and allow customers to sign up to group workshops and events.

Click here to watch a short video detailing how Samsung are using Qudini’s solutions:

Samsung Experience Stores enable customers to interact with products, seek advice and receive after-sales support. These stores compliment Samsung’s Support Centres, which enable customers to receive support and repair services for their products. 

Since implementing the queuing software in Samsung’s Experience Stores, in-store queues have disappeared completely and, as a result, the number of customers walking out has significantly reduced. 

General manager for customer experience, engagement and transformation at Samsung, Paulo Lupi, says giving customers more visibility and better communication regarding expected wait times has enabled Samsung to retain more customers in-store for service and resulted in an increase in footfall to its stores.

“Our customer’s expectation when they come in to store is to have an amazing experience, after all, we’re named the Samsung experience store, and when we have a tool like Qudini, this really enforces that experience.” 

Qudini’s CEO and co-founder, Imogen Wethered, says: “Brick-and-mortar stores are increasingly moving away from transaction focussed selling models to becoming experience hubs that drive long-term loyalty to brands.” 

“Our work with Samsung is a prime example of this trend. Samsung’s commitment to its stores of the future strategy pairs perfectly with our software – we’ve helped them power their in-store services, after-sales initiatives and shop floor operations, creating a seamless customer experience.”