Shelfie appoints VP to head up EMEA operations out of UK office

Shelfie expands its global operations by opening its Europe, Middle East and Africa regional headquarters in London, United Kingdom. This regional office is led by Yehia Oweiss, Shelfie vice president for EMEA, who joined Shelfie earlier this month.

Oweiss brings deep EMEA retail experience to Shelfie’s management team, headed by CEO Marco Manera.

Manera says: “With the world’s leading retailers already experiencing the value of our technology and demanding more of it, we are investing to better support our customers and key strategic partners.”

Shelfie provides retailers, including four of the top 10 in the world, real-time retail shelf diagnostics and analytics. The world’s biggest grocery retail chains realise new revenues by optimising on-shelf product placement with Shelfie’s patented deep learning technology.

The A.I., embedded in Shelfie, audits retail shelves using image capturing devices. It reports on shelf stock levels in real time, empowering retailers to optimise in-store merchandising and supply per single SKU levels, per individual store – centrally, across global or regional operations.

Oweiss says: “Retail is and always will be about people. Successful retailers know this inherently – serving millions of consumers every minute. My job is to continue their success by working with them to gain unprecedented advantages from the deep learning technology we’ve deployed in their retail environments.”

PwC reports in its Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019; “Companies can delight people by delivering ‘magic moments’ in their shopping experiences when what they want, or need, is available at just the time they want or need it. Not surprisingly, doing this can result in increased sales for the business and cement a bond between grateful consumers and retailers that have anticipated their needs.”

PwC concedes that “Making shopping simple for the consumer makes business more complex for the retailer, however. The store manager has to know the store’s inventory down to the last SKU, trust that the supply chain will deliver high-demand goods in the right quantities at the right time, and have the people, systems and processes in place to assemble the order almost as soon as it’s received.”

Shelfie delivers this intelligence instantaneously, continuously and

simply, eliminating the complexity that PwC highlights.