Sky TV feature showcases how high street retailers are deploying new technology to create the ‘store of the future’

O2 featured on the Sky TV show

On Sunday 15 September at 10:00, SaaS software provider, Qudini, appeared alongside high street retailers Samsung, O2 and Specsavers on Sky TV’s Digital Transformation: Digital Experience, where they explained their deployment of new technology to attract more customers, reduce customer walk-outs and increase overall profitability.

The episode, which aired on Sky’s Channel 191, paid close attention to the sharp change in consumer buying behaviours and the impact this change has had on the high street. The episode will also include interviews with representatives from Samsung, O2 and Specsavers, focusing on their decision to partner with SaaS software provider, Qudini, to deploy digital queuing systems, appointment scheduling software and event management software.

Stores, like Samsung, become hubs for customer experiences

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In response to the episode, Qudini’s CEO and co-founder, Imogen Wethered, says: “The traditional retail model is transaction-based, but as high street footfall continues to decline, innovative retailers are focusing their attention on creating in-store experiences that build better relationships with customers.

“Samsung, O2 and Specsavers are pioneering the retail revolution by investing in their ‘store of the future’ and ‘digital playground’ concepts, and their multi-dynamic customer service models.”

Specsavers improves in-store experience with Qudini

In the episode, Specsavers franchise partner director, Josie Forte, says: “Qudini has enabled us to have a much more pleasant customer experience in-store, and we can definitely see that we’ve had a percentage growth in terms of revenue.” 

“People are able to come in and complete their sight tests, and the customer journey is quicker, which actually means that they’re more likely to stay with us and buy glasses.”

In the episode, Imogen Wethered further explained why retailers are focused on building in-store experiences: “One of the big changes we’re seeing within retail is that retailers are adapting their stores to deliver more services. So, you’re seeing retailers that sell beauty products deliver beauty offerings like brow services or nail bars or hand massages. And all of these are for the purposes of bringing customers into store and being able to give them a service and build a relationship with them as a brand.

“Essentially, your retail store becomes more of a hub for customer experiences and, in a way, it’s more about having a marketing experience than it is about selling product.”