Smyths Toys creates fun-filled shopping experience with the help of Quail Digital

As one of the largest providers of children’s toys and entertainment products across Ireland and the UK, Smyths Toys prides itself on delivering an exciting, customer-centric experience that will appeal to every young shopper. And as it focuses on creating a fun filled ‘day out’ for all of its customers, the bricks and mortar experience has become an even more valuable part of the Smyths Toys brand. Smyths Toys recognised that in order to provide the ultimate shopping experience, it needed to equip in-store team members with the right tools to enable them to deliver a valuable and efficient service.

With the recent implementation of Quail Digital’s wireless headset system, Smyths Toys has been able to do just that. The hands-free, lightweight headsets give every store associate the ability to communicate seamlessly with their colleagues to ensure they offer an in-store experience that will cater to every customer’s individual needs.

From early years to teens, every store offers a wide range of products across a large shop floor. Given this demand on the store associate, the support provided by the headsets is key. The integration of these tools has not only enabled store associates to work more fluidly, but provided them with a platform to deliver a personalised service. As Adam Smith, senior operations manager, Smyths Toys, explains: “For us, giving the customer a better experience is what it boils down to. We always want to be able to give them the correct answer to any question they may have. And while we have designated specialist staff across each area we cater for, they’re not always there at the time a customer asks a specific question. It is the ability to get the correct information and staff member to the customer as quickly as possible that has been one of the real advantages of the headsets.”

As a result of this increased support, the in-store staff can now utilise their time to not only serve the customer but prepare for seasonable events and promotional days. While it may be impossible to predict what the demand will be during these peak times, the integration of Quail Digital’s headsets in-store gives each member of the team the tools they need to be equipped for every scenario that may come their way. Adam says, “We always offer our customers exciting opportunities in-store, for example giving out free LEGO for the day. What these headsets do is help the staff to efficiently manage whatever situation they’re in. Having direct contact with every colleague who is wearing a headset helps to facilitate a well-organised, fun-packed event that is enjoyed by all our customers.”

Smyths Toys continues to grow year on year, expanding into new markets. As an exciting step for the retailer, it is now putting greater focus on ensuring that its new staff go through the appropriate training programmes to deliver the in-store experience every shopper expects. But hiring new staff can be difficult, there are a lot of new processes and techniques to learn; extra support is therefore needed to help make these changes as seamless as possible. Smith comments: “If a new store associate is at the till serving a customer and they suddenly can’t remember how a function works, then the headsets can really help. They can simply reach out to someone via this system to ask for their assistance. This really saves time, allowing every staff member to be able to serve customers with ease and without hesitation.”

And alongside creating a more reliable experience, the retailer wanted to utilise a more practical system that could be easily used by every store member. “In the past, we used walkie talkies”, says Adam, “but they didn’t prove to be sufficient for our needs. Our staff really benefit from the hands-free feature of the headsets; they are no longer tied down by a heavy product on their waist or in their hand. This has been a small, but effective change.”

Smith continues, “We’ve really seen a difference in-store since implementing Quail Digital’s headsets, and as we continue to expand we’re really excited to roll them out into more of our stores. Our key philosophy as a business is that the customer is the most important person, and the ability to give our shoppers, particularly the children, an unforgettable experience is fundamental. With the headsets we’ve been able to provide our staff with the ability to do that; the immediate communication keeps our managers, store associates and most importantly, our customers happy in-store. These tools have really helped us to achieve that fun-filled experience we promise all our shoppers.”

Tom Downes, CEO, Quail Digital, concludes: “Our team has enjoyed working with Smyths Toys on this incredibly positive project. Retail is all about the experience in-store and Smyths are using their headsets in so many ways for staff to build on the personalised experience their customers are used to.”