Spanish olive oil brand Carbonell to launch on Tmall


Deoleo has announced today the opening of a boutique selection of Carbonell products on Tmall, Alibaba Group’s business to consumer marketplace with over 650 million active consumers in China. The online flagship store will give Chinese shoppers access to a wide range of high-quality extra virgin olive oil crafted by Carbonell.

“Carbonell has continuously focused on delivering to the world’s consumers the best possible olive oils, obtained through the most sustainable and environmentally respectful methods.  This milestone partnership with Tmall celebrates a cumulation of all these efforts.” said Miguel de Jaime chief commercial officer – Deoleo parent company to Carbonell. “We are looking forward to our new Chinese consumers enjoying a taste of Spain at home.”

Carbonell has been a staple in the kitchens of millions of people worldwide for more than 150 years. More importantly, the brand itself remains true to the philosophy of its founder, Antonio Carbonell Llacer, who came to Cordoba, Spain in 1866 to realize a dream.  Today, Carbonell is synonymous with Spain and has become a true ambassador for sustainable sourcing, ethical practices, producing high- quality extra virgin olive oil and the Mediterranean diet.

“We know, across China, restaurant chefs and home cooks alike are expanding the customary usage of extra virgin olive oil by using it in hot cooking” said Miguel de Jaime. “While extra virgin oil is most often used in salads – or even consumed on its own – its qualities adapt extremely well to dishes when heat is applied. The key commitments at the heart of the Carbonell brand remain unchanged. The first, and always the first, is to quality. And the second is to the tradition of guaranteeing excellent and tasty food”.

“Spanish products are admired in China particularly extra virgin olive oil. Chinese consumers are now discovering the versatility of olive oil in their day to day cooking as well as its health benefits in line with the Chinese way of life. We are proud of our work at Alibaba, helping Spanish companies to sell their products to millions of Chinese consumers every day. As a Cordoban, I am mostly pleased that a brand from my region like Carbonell will be available to millions of Chinese consumers. I am convinced that Deoleo is going to achieve great success because it has the best possible partner in China”, according to Alba Ruiz Laigle, business development manager in Alibaba for Spain and Portugal.

Carbonell olive oils are all-natural, manufactured with the utmost care, and flavorful beyond compare, as foodies around the world can attest.  The reasons why this wonderful extra virgin olive oil is Spain’s number one pick which becomes evident with the first taste swirling on the palate.  Expert olive-oil tasters continue to bestow honors on flavorful, healthful Carbonell olive oils, whose global popularity continues to grow.

Each bottle, made from olives harvested early, it has an unforgettable character that’s been described as “true, pure and essential”.

Carbonell extra virgin olive oil is made in accordance with the same Spanish olive-oil tradition – it is meant for meals shared among loved ones. All the experience of generations combines to produce a 100% extra virgin olive oil with a strong aroma, intense but pleasant on the palate, with a bitterness and spicy finish that surprises the tongue.